The Vintage Market- Spring- Trenton Michigan – Aftermath

Written by Lisa Vardai on May 22, 2016

Hello world!

Boy oh boy this weekend was wonderful! Thistle Baby had our first market show (The Vintage Market- Spring Trenton Michigan), and I must say that the turn out was just amazing! I would have never thought one Market Show could bring in almost 20k of visitors! Thats all thanks to the Directors Rina Belanger + Angela Guzzardo and  I can’t forget all the amazing vendors who made The Vintage Market Show such a success! It was so busy that I couldn’t even leave my post! Congrats to all the vendors who made awesome sales, I couldn’t have asked for a better First Timer- Newbie Show! I walked in not knowing what to expect and walked out exhausted but so excited that I can’t wait for my next show in the Autumn!


I want to thank my amazing husband for supporting me through this… and my awesome sister in law for helping me out this weekend! It would have been hard doing this by myself prego! Whats NEXT?!?!?

After a little R&R, it will be back to the work grind for Thistle Baby! All our baby apparel will be up for ORDER! YES, that means you get it within 1-2 weeks! LOOK OUT! Our Spring + Summer Collection are LIMITED! That means the patterns and sizes are limited in quantity! Don’t Fret if its SOLD OUT though! I am starting to work on our Autumn+Winter Collection for 2016!!!! I can not wait to show you glimpses of whats to come!


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