Part2- Bence’s Nursery: Paint+Furniture

Written by Lisa Vardai on March 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday and Easter week! Over this past weekend hubby and our brother in law were so kind to clear out Baby Bence’s room for our paint session! I am so lucky to have such amazing in laws to help me through this. Apparently my limitations are limited as I get bigger. 😉

Here some photos of before and after paint!

Clearly I could have kept the room the same color. But my designer guru wants took over! It just wouldn’t match my theme for Baby Bence! I went for a more deeper+ bolder look, rather than your typical baby blue hue room. Interesting as that maybe, most people who know me; knows I love everything crisp and airy! Going the opposite direction for my baby boy. =)




My must have furniture pieces for Bence’s room:

Hubby and I came up with a budget that would work for us to design his room. Working in the interior design industry +  budget constraints, I am all too familiar with designing on a budget. My main goal for all my designs for nurseries and kid play rooms: uniquely differentclassic + most important practical!  Our budget for Baby Bence’s room is no more than 3k – turn key. This is ample for us, since the most expensive piece happen to already be in my possession! Or else I would have selected a more cost efficient piece. See below on pricing + selection for furniture + links for all my selection for furniture pieces.

  1. Baby Letto Crib- Scoot or Lolly 4 in 1 crib to toddler bed. I can’t decide on which one I want but there are high chances I will be going for Lolly….decisions…decisions….
  • Scoot (L) and Lolly (R) are retailed at $349 + Free Shipping/US

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.29.03 AM Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.29.31 AM

2. Blake Glider– I want to say this will be the second most important item on the list. We decided to go with this Blake glider because of its comfort, design and cost. The photo below is not the fabric we choose, we customized the fabric to be a grey, white multi tweed + fabric guard for those expected mishaps! You will get a glimpse of it at the reveal 😉 It took about 3 months to deliver to Buy buy baby. We will be scooping this up along with our crib mid April! So excited!!!

  • Retailed at $399+ tax/US. (Be sure to use 20% coupon!!!) We paid $340(incl tax)+ Fabric Guard/US.

+ Ottoman: I decided to not get the ottoman that goes with this chair. I wasn’t a fan of the ottoman rocking as well… Left me unbalanced for some reason. lol. So I waited for sale at Restoration Hardware Baby for the: Knit Cotton Round Pouf Grey

  • Retailed at $109-$179/US (depending on size)  I got the smaller ottoman for $75 + shipping/US. There are always sales so, keep an eye out if you love this pouf!


3. Klismos Chest–  Drawer + Changing Table (This piece is by far the most expensive piece in little Bence’s room. If I did not have this in possession from my interior design stock, there would be no way I would be dropping this $$$ for this piece for Bence’s nursery. Although beautiful and timeless, he would be getting something way more cost effective and practical.

klismos chest

4. Hatch Baby Changing Table: My hubby and I had our debates on this item… Yes, its on this rather pricy changing table but it has so many features to put a first time mama at ease, specially when everything is just so new for both baby and mum. Looking forward to putting this to use!

  • retails at $249 however I believe they have sales periodically for cheaper. I got mine for $150+ tax+shipping/US


5. Shelving + Storage: Ikea has been my best friend when it comes to practical shelving and storage! You can get just about anything for such little cost and make your space feel organized and clean! For our space we opted to get the following shelving+ storage unit for his toys and clothing. The space only allows for the following pieces but it gives us up to 12 bins of storage!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.27.49 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.28.58 PM

6. Lighting– I am between these two faux antler lighting chandelier… both will work wonderfully just waiting to have the paint dry and make a firm decision then. You can find these on Etsy through the shop: TheShabbyAntler. She offers other sizes too! This one happens to be the perfect size for Baby Bence’s room- Dimensions 21″wide x 11″h.

antlerrustic antlerwhite

7. Area Rug: Going for this round spotted rug from Ikea. I didn’t want to spend  $$$ on baby’s rug, we all know it is going to get all stained and dirty. So my decision was made by design and costs. This rug is supper cheap + durable + a sweet design that will work for Baby Bence’s room. I want to play around how to place them but at most I would use 2/blue + 2/grey white. 31″ in Diameter. Aprox total- $20/US

  • + Flong Rug- Low Pile- Small Grey & Small blue + $9.99each/US

flong-rug-low-pile-blue__0371517_PE555207_S4 flong-rug-low-pile-blue__0371523_PE555202_S4flong-rug-low-pile-gray__0371521_PE555204_S4 flong-rug-low-pile-gray__0371519_PE555205_S4

8. Last but not least! Our very own Moses basket + Jolly Jumper Rocker in Natural. 

Earthy Plum2s-l1000

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