Part3- Bence’s Nursery: Accessorizing

Written by Lisa Vardai on March 30, 2016

Welcome to part 3 of Baby Bence Nursery Journal!


If you are just joining us on our little adventure… We are on part3 of baby Bence’s nursery! I am quite impressed how far along I am with his room. Talk about a mama in nesting mode!! However, I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of family! I am truly grateful for my hubby, mom in law, brother in laws and sister in laws! Truly God’s gift to me~

My first thoughts on designing Bence’s nursery… rather than having a light blue baby boys room theme, I envisioned his room to be bold and uniquely different.

So after searching for themes I decided to go with a “modern vintage woodland boho” theme. Creating comfort in other ways then going light and airy. The guide to using darker colors in Nursery- is to use furniture+ accessorizing pieces to contrast the darker color, creating lightness and openness. You may ask how, it is definitely easier said then done. It is an art accessorizing that took me years to nail down… and even then its a learning curve to find new ways to accessorize! Below are just a few main accessories I used for Bence’s nursery. By Strategically placing these pieces your space will visually bring lightness + depth + character to the space. Can’t wait for you see this all come to life!!! Keep following me along with this amazing adventure!


Ambient Lighting: 

  1. Side table lamps + Fairy String LED rope lighting
  2. Floor lamp

Depending on the size of your space you can utilize side table lamps and rope lighting as your ambient lighting. In our space (Dimensions 17’x 12′) I am choosing to use only 1 side table lamp + 1 Floor lamp as our main ambient lighting + the fairy string LED rope lighting for fairy twinkle lights on his baby mobile.

I am using this beautiful and unique crane bird lamp as my side table lamp. We currently have two in our living, so I am transferring one into Bence’s room. I purchased this lamp through one of my furniture + lighting vendors.

  • Retails at $400/ I purchased through my trade account, so I usually sell this piece to my clients $250/US
  • LED fairy top lighting- can be found, practically anywhere. I purchased mine through


Practical Uses:

1. Hanging Baskets x 3: I ordered 3 of these lovely hand made “Ecru Cord Cotton Baskets” in XL. I will be hanging these just above my changing table. Using these XLarge Baskets to hold: Diapers+Lotions+Small Toys to keep baby busy during his changes. This will give me easy access to all my needs during his change. The chest piece has ample storage for me to place extras when needed.


2. Hooks: I went for these “Cleaved Totem Hooks” from Anthropologie. The store is a sancturary of great house hold goods and clothing!!!

3. Chair Ladder:  You know all those receiving blankets + swaddles + knitted blankets that you receive at your baby shower… well I wanted to find a way to have them there ready to use and store. At first i was thinking a ladder type shelf, but my worry was baby  would climb or worse the piece would fall over. So as I browse through Ikea, I ran into this piece. Its the a Chair towel rack! My thoughts, ohhh this would be PERFECT! I can place all my blankets onto the rack part + have an extra seat! Since our space for baby is limited, I am trying to find ways for organization + practicality + cost effective + design conscious and most importantly safe!


Wall Mural+Art +Non Art: This wall will be the main focal point! My designs are to mix mediums+textures+heights+depths to make this wall really POP! I can’t wait for you to see this all come alive!!! Until the reveal… you can follow me on my adventure of planning each piece to complete the space!

1. Wall Mural: Woodland Greenery done in Black +White: I am so lucky to have such an amazing + talented sister in law, Marti Vardai-Derbowka. She has this wonderful talent on free handing anything! We have such a great collection of her work throughout our home and what better gift to our baby Bence then to ask her draw a mural for his room. We are ever so lucky!

If your in Windsor, Ontario/ Essex county (LaSalle, Belle River, Tecumseh, Leamington, Harrow, etc) –I highly recommend her for any type of medium drawings + murals + much much more!

  • If you would like to inquire about having your own mural done by her! You can email:


2. Misc. Accessories: Most of my accessories are sourced from Home Goods(US)/Home Sense(CA). This place is the home of all great finds for cheap! The only thing is once its gone, its gone! So finding something you absolutely love, you have to get it then, or else its someone else treasure.

For these type of things… Accessories can be tricky, how to display them is another tricky task! My advise! LESS IS MORE!!! I decided to use these Faux Antler’s to design a DIY baby mobile with origami paper cranes. Currently in construction! Lets hope it all works out!!! *crossing fingers*


2. Resin Animal Head (Set of 3 Deer + Wolf + Bear): I am all about textures and mixing finishes. I rarely want to stick with one finish. Ofcourse, the finishes are always strategic. Loving this trio from KingFour on Etsy. I loved this trio because of pricing for all 3 and the option to change the color of the pieces to your liking. In this case the listing had my perfect trio and color !

» The deer head pictured is in the BRONZE antler/IVORY head color options.
» The wolf head pictured is in the SOFT IRON color option.
» The bear head pictured is in the BRONZE color option.


3. Scandinavian Art Prints+Frames: I’ve been a big fan of etsy lately. If you don’t use etsy already, you should try! You will end up spending a great deal of time browsing for ideas and products! I happen to run across these Scandinavian Modern Art Prints. I wanted to save where I can, and this is where I can! With a design background, I was able to manipulate this through Adobe Illustrator. Saved me some $$ by just printing on my own card stock paper.

artprint1 artprint2 artprint3prisma frames

4. Storage Bins+Baby Bence’s Library Storage: Ikea! Ikea! Ikea! A place where you can find everything you need to make your life more organized! Here are just a couple items I searched out at Ikea that worked for organization. We ended up buying a handful more shelving units for additional closet organization.

mosslanda-picture-ledge-white__0444036_PE594672_S4 skubb-box-white__0111727_PE262666_S4

5. Storage Baskets: Our very own Market Baskets for extra storage + pops of color! You can’t go wrong!

2016-02-03 04.11.12G138A-Round-natural



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